CIO Strategic Investment Plan

The Community, Innovation, and Opportunity (CIO) Strategic Investment Plan will
transform Middlesex College into a leading destination in New Jersey

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As part of Middlesex County’s Destination 2040 Strategic Plan, the County, in partnership with the State of New Jersey, has announced the Community, Innovation, and Opportunity (CIO) Strategic Investment PlanThe plan has been designed to meet the diverse needs of the community by further promoting educational opportunities, community engagement, and the arts among Middlesex College students and residents of all ages.

The plan will improve the lives of so many in the community by not only expanding the educational offerings of both Middlesex College and the Middlesex County Magnet School system, but will turn the College’s campus and surrounding facilities into a multi-faceted destination for the region.  Once complete, the facilities will drastically transform the outdoor activities available to families and individuals across both the County and the State of New Jersey. 

As a result of this plan, Middlesex College will become the focal point for education and workforce in Middlesex County. With the leadership of the College, the Magnet Schools, and the Workforce Development Board all co-located on the Middlesex College campus, this plan will enable us to build a stronger foundation for students -- whether in high school or college or adults seeking new opportunities -- to join the workforce of the future.  

Highlights of the plan:

  • an open-air Multipurpose Community Venue for concerts, cultural events, and multiple sports such as baseball, soccer, or lacrosse
  • a Workforce Development & Conference Center
  • a new Community Park featuring an educational children’s amenity
  • a new Student Center which will include campus and community amenities
  • a new Middlesex County Magnet School
  • a Destination Athletic Complex featuring 14 multi-sport synthetic fields; 16 tennis courts and a state-of-the-art recreational cricket field; and much more
  • an expansion of the existing exterior spaces, activating these areas by adding public art, seating, and water features 

New Updates:

  • As part of Middlesex County's Community, Innovation, and Opportunity (CIO) Strategic Investment Plan, Middlesex County and Rutgers Athletics have entered into a letter of intent, solidifying a partnership with the Scarlet Knight baseball program, spanning three to five years. Announced on July 31, 2023, this collaboration will designate the future Multipurpose Community Venue located on Middlesex College’s campus as a home field for Rutgers baseball, beginning with the 2026 season. Additionally, the County intends to explore new educational pathways for Middlesex College students — the largest feeder college to Rutgers University. 
  • Middlesex County announced the completion of design in Phase 1 of the Community, Innovation, and Opportunity Strategic Investment (CIO) Plan on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at the North Lawn of Middlesex College. The event showcased the completed designs of the Multipurpose Community Venue, the Middlesex County Student Center, and the new Middlesex County Magnet School, marking a pivotal point where progress becomes tangible, with construction expected to begin in the fall.


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