Behavioral Health Tools and Resources

BHNBehavioral Health Navigators 

Behavioral Health Navigators provide free support for all residents across Middlesex County who are dealing with mental health and substance use disorders. These Behavioral Health Navigators provide a human touch and step-by-step guidance to direct you or your loved ones to access behavioral health support and trusted resources. Behavioral Health Navigators are available for every person, every family, every behavioral health situation. Don't hesitate to reach out today! 

Residents can remain anonymous if preferred. Call 732-745-3810 to begin your journey to wellness and recovery.

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Services Locator

When you, a friend, family member, patient, or client require assistance, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Whether the need is for food, substance abuse resources, job training, emergency preparedness, veterans' services, housing, or caregiving, rest assured that the County's Service Locator is here to assist you in finding available resources.

This Services Locator aims to provide information to county residents about a range of services. Please note that inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement of any specific service or agency.

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CredibleMind is a dependable, user-friendly platform to support adults experiencing mental health and well-being challenges with the professional assistance they need. This one-stop hub offers a range of self-care resources regarding health, safety, and well-being concerns.

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Pyx Health

Pyx Health can help to support your mental and physical health by connecting you with compassionate people for a friendly chat and providing self-management tips and help with resources. Pyx Health is a wellness program that offers a trusted combination of people, mobile app, and health care resources. Together they help to reduce loneliness and improve health. Feel better each day with companionship and humor.

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Pyx Health for Youth

Today's adolescents are under significant pressure from school, peers, social media, and global issues. Middlesex County has partnered with Pyx Health to offer them a fresh form of support. This program, designed and tested by teens, helps them find support for loneliness, isolation, and depression. Through Pyx Health's app and trained staff, teens receive relatable, positive support to manage stress from school, relationships, and social media.

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The Middlesex County Office of Aging & Disabled Services has collaborated with Trualta to introduce a web-based training platform specifically designed for family and self-directed caregivers. The aim is to cultivate capable and self-assured family caregivers equipped to handle care responsibilities at home. The training is delivered through an engaging and personalized online learning system, catering to the unique circumstances of each caregiver. This tool offers mental health resources to support caregivers.

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