Special Needs Registry

Logo.Special Needs RegistryMiddlesex County Special Needs Registry (SNR) is a no cost, voluntary service open to any individuals with special needs who reside, work, or attend school in Middlesex County. The purpose of the registry is to help law enforcement and first responders better assist special needs residents in an emergency situation or a police encounter. The registry provides crucial information regarding a registrant’s special needs, i.e., physical or mental impairment, emergency contact information, physical description, and current photograph.

Individuals can register themselves, or they can be registered by a family member or a caretaker on our secure website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Special Needs Registry Decals

Each registrant will be provided with different sized decals that can be placed on the front entrance of the registrant’s residence as well as on the window of any vehicle in which they regularly travel. The purpose of the decal is to signify to the first responders that someone in the residence/vehicle has some degree of special need and they should respond accordingly. The use of decals by registrants is strictly voluntary and is not required.